Pecan Street Bath & Body

Handcrafted Soaps, Sugar Scrubs, Bath Bombs, & Lotions made in San Saba, Texas with Goat Milk, Hemp Seed Oil, and Vitamin E Oil.

Pecan Street Bath & Body’s Handcrafted Soaps, Sugar Scrubs, Lotions, and Bath Bombs make the perfect gifts for birthdays, special occasions, holidays, and Christmas. Enjoy giving the gift of handcrafted products made in San Saba, Texas.

You can purchase their products online or at
J.C. Campbell & Co. Mercantile at 318 E Wallace St, San Saba, TX
11th Street Outfitters at 205 E. Wallace St, San Saba, TX

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Pecan Street Bath & Body was founded by Regina & Bill Baker, a Wife-Husband-Team who were searching for natural ways to combat their own dry skin issues.

Wary of irritating additives and toxic ingredients, the couple decided that their best course of action was to create their own All-Natural Soap. They spent endless months researching, testing, and perfecting their own recipe, using only the highest quality of pure and wholesome ingredients found on Mother Earth. Together they came up with their own Goat Milk Soap recipe that makes the Perfect Bar of Soap.

They were familiar with the wonderful benefits of soothing Goat Milk, so they made it the base of their soap products. Residing in the “Pecan Capital of the World”, the couple wanted to incorporate Pecan Oil which is rich in Vitamin A, lighter than other oils and it has proven to be a highly effective emollient into their recipes. Along with other amazing skin-loving ingredients such as Hemp Seed Oil and Vitamin E, they perfected the perfect recipe for Goat Milk Soap that gently glides onto the skin – with an incredible lather – for a smooth and silky experience that will resolve your dry skin issues.

The Bakers are now happy to be able to share their line of 100% All-Natural Goat Milk Soaps and amazing skin care products, each one thoughtfully, sustainably, and lovingly Handcrafted and Small Batched from the Texas Hill Country in Beautiful San Saba, Texas.

They have been so happy with the results of their Goat Milk Soap that they have expanded into additional skin care products. Their luxuriously relaxing Milk Bath, for example, feature a unique combination of Goat Milk, Buttermilk, Pink Himalayan Salt, Vitamin E, Honey, and Magnesium Flakes, which are all amazing for the skin! They also make Lotions, Lip Balms, Sugar Scrubs, Bath Bombs, Salt Scrubs, Perfumes, and Shower Steamers, with more products to come.

They’re planning to launch a Vegan line in the next few months with a focus on Oat Milk as the primary ingredient, as it has a lot of the same benefits as Goat Milk and is a great antioxidant that can potentially protect skin from UV rays, pollution, and other free radical damage, reducing the appearance of pigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles.

The biggest thing to know about Pecan Street Bath & Body is that they will not put out a product until they LOVE it! One of their greatest rewards isn’t just a repeat customer, but when customers send their products to family and friends.